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About us

MindSWOT is an Organization formed by a group of Professionals with the aim of spreading the DMIT (Dermetoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test) concept and identify ones inner hidden talents through DMIT.

Mind SWOT helps an individual to identify his/her Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Treats. In this way they can enhance their found abilities, perform better, choose the right suitable activity, subject, Career &Department and to be more successful in life.

MindSWOT as an organization not only works on DMIT concept, but also provide their services in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software and Engineering Solutions (6-Sigma Projects, Design Solutions and New Manufacturing Concepts) for Small, Medium & Large Scale industries across the south. We are also on the verge of starting our own Training Academy, in which we plan to give training for,

  • School Students – Training for improving their inborn ability to perform better in the activity best suitable an individual.

  • Adults – Training which helps them to choose the right career, personality training and placement opportunities.

  • Corporates – We give training to employees working in TOP MNC’s through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to perform better in their Profession.